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EDD Holding GmbH, modern technologies, sustainable investment

Innovation from Saxony

EDD Holding GmbH operates in a wide range of different, interesting business areas across Europe and the rest of the world. In doing so, modern technologies and sustainable investments play an important role. For us the following focus points are of great importance:


  • Development ans trade of multimedia and mobile content such as movies, music and varying services within new media.
  • Participation in internet portals.
  • Investment in and rental of machinery and facilities for production and packaging of multi media products such as Blu-ray Disc, DVD, CD and participation in similar production companies.
  • Fulfilment of multi media products, from authoring across production management to packaging and delivery.


  • Development, production and investment in solar systems.
  • Trade in solar cells and solar panels including both import and export .
  • Development, construction, installation and management of solar parks and similar interests.
  • Wind energy consulting, sales and installation of wind turbines.
  • Trade in energy saving lamps and LED lamps including both import and export.


  • Consulting in maritime field .


  • License holder, acquirer and manager of patents in:

    • Multi media, video on demand (VoD)
    • Power supply units
    • Development of new data storage
    • Solar hybrid systems
    • Selectable polymer foils
    • Innovations in nano technolog
    • Nano energy storage

Real estate

  • Investments in land and property.
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